Fitting Tribute to B.B.


B.B. King © Joe Stevens


Our friend Chris Hislop wrote a fitting tribute to the late, great B.B. King.

Below is a brief excerpt, but go here to check out the full article.

The world lost B.B. King on May 14, 2015. By now, that news isn’t new.
And while folks have been liberally tossing around the name of King’s biggest hit, “The Thrill is Gone,” as a catchphrase to tidily sum up the passing of the blues giant, the truth is the body of work King left in life will live on forever. The thrill will always be present when folks get to talking about, or listening to the blues. Lucille’s sweet tone will never die.
The word “legend” is far overused by those writing about celebrity, and those pushing tickets to live performances worldwide. In reality, “legends” are few and far between. One can certainly refer to King as a legend, but he far supersedes that. He was an icon, admired by the likes of Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Derek Trucks, and legions of other prodigal rock heroes. He did a lot of talking in the few notes he played. The ideal of beauty in simplicity — of less is more — is exactly how King played it. He let every note ring as if it was the most important note he was ever going to play.
He treated his guitar, Lucille, with dignity, respect, and a whole lot of love.

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