Sex Pistols talk at Sonnys Tavern

Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols (c) Joe Stevens

Joe Stevens, will bring his pictures and stories to Sonnys Tavern in Dover New Hampshire September 13, 2014 (8pm). This time its – The Sex Pistols. Stevens will digitally present his 70′s Brit/Punk pictures, and speak of his reason for taking them. Attendees are encouraged to effect their snarliest behavior.

Says Stevens, “Yeah, I was fed up doing pictures of Yes, E.L.P, E.L.O. & 10CC,for the N.M.E. I loathed  the music, the pretentious capes, platform shoes, billowing hair, and keyboards in the round,”

“Along came this kickass, not heavy on musical talent, London foursome – The Sex Pistols, scamming me for cigs and beer, causing utter chaos wherever they played, and providing my cameras with exciting pictures. And I was back in action.

My contacts in the news media had to catch up-quickly. Me and a few others had the first pictures of the coming storm. Johnny Rotten and Co. wrote songs that related to the No Future plight of the British teenager.

The look was entirely thrift shop, few had a pot to piss in. My earnings from getting those early punk rock pictures published provided many a lager for my friends.

This show that Im doing at Sonnys will contain hundreds of those pictures,and my narration, If you dont mind.”